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NFL Playoff Preview and Prediction

What a great season it has been so far. Surprises like the Redskins and Colts led by their rookie quarterbacks, disappointments by the Panthers, Steelers, and Eagles. Coaches and GM’s already being fired as we head into our first week of the playoffs. This past season has been great, but it’s not quite over with yet. This year’s playoffs will have some exciting match ups that should have all NFL fans on their toes. Before the season, I predicted a Texans-49’ers Super bowl. Will I change my pick or stick to my guns? Come find out!

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NFL Predictions

With just 1 day left before the first game of the season begins, I will take a look at what I expect to see from teams this season. Last year, we had a few teams take the next step in their pursuit for the Superbowl. Ultimately, the New York Giants took home the trophy. This year, I expect a few different teams to shine, and a new team to take home the trophy.

Brooks Reed will help lead the Texans very deep into the playoffs, as the Texans look to win it all.


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