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MLB Trade Deadline Recap – Part I

Royals newly acquired SP, 29 year-old Jonathan Sanchez

As the July 31st trade deadline fades into our rear-view mirror, teams are gearing up for the home stretch. Playoff contenders are looking to shore up missing pieces, bottom feeders are looking to snag deals for their rebuilding process, and GMs are looking to ship fat contracts far away in hopes of a deep splash in the FA pool this off season. While there have been a multitude of trades over the last few days, I will tell you all you need to know about em in this Recap series.

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American League East: All-Star Break Reality Check and Predictions

Having taken a brutal beating from the National League in the 2012 All Star Game (an 8-0 shutout), the American League sits shocked wondering how it all went wrong. Barring the loss of home field advantage, A.L. teams must steel themselves for the next 81 games, and potentially thereafter.

American League East

Overview: If you took a look at the standings as of the All Star break, you would see some peculiarities. So many questions lie within the 2012 second half, and that is what will make this year a very exciting year to call one’s self a baseball fan.

Aside from the Yankees being at the top of the division, nothing looks as it did the for the past half-decade. The Orioles, currently in second, had the A.L. East lead on lock down for almost all of the first half. The next few weeks will be the deciding factor on whether or not they will attain playoff status (their last time this occurred was in 1997). They need help at 3B and with their rotation. Will they land an ace in Wandy Rodriguez (HOU) or Zack Greinke (MIL)? Who would they be willing to give up? Young’uns like Manny Machado, an elite young SS, and top pitching prospect 19 year-old Dylan Bundy? Or are they looking to give away high potential starting pitchers, Jake Arrieta and Brian Matsuz, who have been major letdowns at the major league level?  Gut feeling tells me they realize that they actually can field a playoff team and will do whatever it takes to get that; the Orioles have grit.

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