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Winners And Losers of 2012 NHL Free Agency Part 1

The winners of the 2012 NHL Free Agency:

Minnesota Wild: Not only did they secure Ryan Suter to relieve some offense at the point, but they also signed the hottest commodity on the market, Zach Parise. Parise is elite offensive talent and he will provide big numbers in Minnesota. Not only that, but he will be playing with top prospect Mikael Granlund and possibly Dany Heatley. How scary is that?

Carolina Hurricanes: The Hurricanes were busy this off-season. They acquired Jordan Staal from the Pittsburgh Penguins the 8th overall pick in the 2012 draft, Brandon Sutter and Brian Domoulin. Staal, who was always shadowed in the talent of Crosby, and Malkin, can now finally prove his worth and talent with his brother Eric Staal. They’ve also signed an elite goal scorer Alex Semin in a deal worth seven million dollars for one year. He has the speed and an elite wrist shot, but can be lazy. Otherwise Carolina hit a homerun.

New Jersey Devils: Hear me out here. They aren’t exactly jackpot winners, but they did save their franchise from a possible re-build. Martin Brodeur waited about two hours before deciding to re-sign with the Devils. Who knows what they would of had to trade or bring up from the farm to replace Marty. And let’s be real, can you really replace his talent right away?

New York Rangers: The Rangers have acquired one of the best goal scorers in the league, Rick Nash by trading a first round pick of the 2013 entry draft, Brandon Dubinsky, defensive prospect Tim Erixon and Artem Anisimov for Rick Nash, a conditional third round pick and minor league defenseman Steve Delisle. Rich Nash is usually a lock for 30 goals and 30 assists with decent teammates. What will he provide in New York? If he can overcome the pressure and media, he will score 40.

Dallas Stars: The Dallas Stars may have lost Mike Ribeiro, but they gained two more pieces in the process. They traded Steve Ott for centermen Derek Roy of Buffalo. Roy dropped off last season, but he was coming off an injury. Otherwise, he will pot you 25 goals and help out on the score sheet. Bad thing is that he is out until November with a shoulder injury(Which Buffalo said he was not sent damaged). Aside from that, they also got Jaromir Jagr to sign. Last year he was questionable at what he is capable of, but showed he still has some left in the tank. He will be a hit in Dallas and he will provide some insight to upcoming player Jamie Benn, too.

Washington Capitals:  With Ribeiro now in Washington, that gives the Capitals options to move other centermen who can play wing, to wing. Not only is Ribeiro a great play maker, but he is underrated. With the loss of Semin, maybe he will get some time on the top line for some more offensive help with Ovechkin. Then again, he does have Backstrom in his way.

Predators retain Weber; Ink Colin Wilson

Almost one week ago, multiple teams were closing in on acquiring Shea Weber’ services to join a new team if the location was right. That is where Philadelphia went to “Plan B”: Send an offer sheet. And so they did. The offer sheet was a 14 year, 110 U.S. million dollar contract and Weber did not hesitate to sign it. It made sense for him. He was looking for a cup contending team and also looking to earn his due which is rightfully deserved. Nashville had seven days to match it and carefully looked over each detail of the contract. Five days later, they have finally decided to keep Weber in Nashville and try to contend for another cup run. Nashville, who already lost Ryan Suter, their former other top defenseman, left to Minnesota with a similar contract. That was a big blow to the team and losing Weber would have devastated the teams structure of a Stanley Cup contender. Now they can focus on adding pieces around Shea Weber

The details of the contract is the following: His cap hit per year is a league high of $7,857,143 dollars. For the first four years(2012-2013 to 2015-2016) he will earn a base salary of 14 million per year which includes a 13 million dollar signing bonus. The next two years(2016-2017 to 2017-2018) he will earn a base salary of 12 million dollars which include an eight million dollar signing bonus. Then, the next four years(2018-2019 to 2021-2022) he will be earning a base salary of six million dollars with no signing bonus. For the 2022-2023 season he will earn a base salary of three million dollars and the final three years of the contract (2023-2024 to 2025-2026) he will earn one million dollars with no signing bonus.

Not only has Nashville retained Weber, but they also signed former seventh overall draft pick of the 2008 draft, Colin Wilson. The contract is a three-year deal worth six million dollars. He is expected to make 1.5 million dollars the first year, two million the second year and 2.5 million the third year. Wilson, had a career high in assists (20) and also points (36), while tallying 16 goals. Wilson has been in the league for three years now and has steadily improved his game. He is a very talented player, but has played more of a defensive role. Wilson will be entering his fourth year and he is expected to have a breakout year on Nashville.

Rick Nash Traded In A Blockbuster

The New York Rangers and Columbus Blue Jackets have made a long-awaited blockbuster trade involving superstar Rick Nash. There has been months of speculation of where Rick Nash was going to be traded after asking Scott Howson to trade him after some personal words cross ways, which led to Nash wanting a trade. In the end, the New York Rangers have traded Brandon Dubinsky, Tim Erixon, Artem Anisimov and a first round draft pick for Rick Nash, Steven Delisle, and a conditional 3rd round draft pick.

Rick Nash had this to say about joining Broadway “I think they already are one of the top teams in the league and the players they have there is pretty impressive right from the goaltender and the defense and right on up. I’m proud to be part of the organization and the whole city.”

Nash is an exciting player who brings speed, power, and goal scoring ability to the table. The New York Rangers will need Nash’ goal scoring ability a lot with Marian Gaborik out until at least December with a shoulder surgery. This being one reason they needed Nash, they also saw that they lacked goal scoring in the playoffs as Gaborik disappeared with only five goals in 20 playoff games.

On the other side of the trade, the Blue Jackets got a decent return for Nash, but not a full return. Scott Howson was asking for a lot from New York, which included players like Kreider, Stepan and McDonagh who were said to be untouchable. Dubinsky is a solid two-way forward who will bring power and scoring to the table. He plays well against the boards and can defend. Tim Erixon is an upcoming offensive defenseman who has top four pairing potential. Anisimov is also a decent goal scoring forward who will provide some depth to the team. The first round pick will likely be late in the draft.

All and all, I think the return Columbus got was not enough to replicate what Rick Nash brought to the table. He is a 30 goal scorer year in and year out and will probably hit 40 goals-80 points with better teammates in New York. I can not see Dubinsky and Anisimov providing  bigger numbers in Columbus. Only time will tell though.

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