What’s up sports fans!!

My name is Kyle Roberts, and you are at The Sleeper Pick, an under-the-radar sports blog by three passionate sports fanatics.

Here is a brief history about myself:

I am currently studying at college and employed at Waldbaums, a tri-state grocery store. I was born and raised on Long Island among a few towns. Mainly raised in the town of Babylon and Huntington, I grew up with my parents, two siblings and grandparents. As a child, I lived off playing hockey and baseball. I played little league baseball as a child and played backyard hockey on the side. At the age of ten or 11, I finally gave up on baseball and focused 100% on hockey. While I may not be a pro, I think I am a very well polished hockey player.

I love fantasy hockey. I am in 13 competitive keeper/dynasty leagues, all of them being different from the other. A couple is for cash. I am also in a fantasy football league with my friends from work/school. I think I am very knowledgeable in both sports. I’ve built very good teams that’ll help me win for years to come.

My passion for writing sport articles has always been an interest for me and I hope to write for official sports sites someday. I have a good following on the internet and provide insightful, logical and knowledgeable information on all sports. Read and enjoy the articles. If you have any questions regarding anything sports related or fantasy sports related feel free to email me at: or tweet me @NYIHater4Life

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