NBA Power Rankings: Week 14

Another week has gone by, and another set of Power Rankings are up. The Spurs have taken the top spot in the Rankings and Bobcats hold up the backend. The Hornets leaped three spots whereas the Timberwolves dropped three spots in this week’s Power Rankings.


Power Rankings Week 14:

(W-L Season) followed by (W-L From previous week)

Ranking from previous week in parentheses. 

(3). San Antonio Spurs (36-11) (4-0) – With Ginobli healthy, and the rest of the team relatively healthy, the Spurs should cruise for a long time.

(1). Oklahoma City Thunder (34-11) (2-2) – They just finished their tough road trip which did not finish like they wish it would have (3-3).

(2). Los Angeles Clippers (33-13) (1-3) – Struggled this week without Chris Paul. They go on a 8-game road trip now and no word on when Paul should return.

(4). Miami Heat (28-13) (2-1) – Only loss was against a Rondo-less Celtics. The Heat seem to go into a “non-want” mode and just go through the motions when playing against weaker opponents.

(5). Memphis Grizzlies (28-15) (2-2) – Trade rumors keep swirling around the Grizzlies with names like Randolph and Gay being mentioned. 

(6). New York Knicks (27-15) (2-2) – A great offensive performance against the Hawks yet they still almost lost. They need to play more consistent basketball.

(7).  Denver Nuggets (27-18) (2-0) – Nuggets have won 9 of their last 11 thanks to an improved Ty Lawson over that stretch.

(9). Golden State Warriors (26-17) (2-2) – It seems like they will be getting back Andrew Bogut after a 38 game absence.

(8). Indiana Pacers (26-18) (1-2) – Still number one team in defensive rating and that’s without Danny Granger.

10 (11). Chicago Bulls (26-17) (3-1) – I have been very impressed with the Bulls as they are nine games over .500 without their superstar.

11 (10). Brooklyn Nets (26-18) (2-2) – The biggest news out of Brooklyn might be the fact that Brook Lopez got snubbed from the All-Star game. Will he replace Rondo?

12 (12). Utah Jazz (24-20) (2-1) – A nice 8-3 in January but this week will be big in their playoff pursuit as they draw the Rockets once and the Blazers twice.

13 (14). Houston Rockets (24-22) (3-1) – After losing seven in a row, the young Rockets are back at it, sealing the week with a big win against the Nets.

14 (13). Milwaukee Bucks (23-19) (2-1) – After Skiles refused to put Ilyasova in the lineup, Boyles gave him a go, and he has responded averaging 25.5 points and 12.3 rebounds in his last four games.

15 (15). Atlanta Hawks (25-19) (3-1) – Their only loss this week was a heartbreaker to the Knicks.

16 (16). Portland Trail Blazers  (22-22) (2-2) – You got to love the way Nicolas Batum has been playing of late, recording his second triple-double of the season.

17 (18). Los Angeles Lakers (19-25) (2-2) –  From @ESPNStatsInfo – “Kobe has played 1,205 regular-season games. He’s had more assists than FGA in just 5 of ’em … including last two games” – Unreal. If this is the new Kobe, the Lakers may be headed on a bit of a run.

18 (17). Boston Celtics (21-23) (1-3) – With Rondo out for the year, Danny Ainge will have to decide if it’s time to blow it up, or to make a move from another PG (or keep the team the way it is)?

19 (20). Dallas Mavericks  (19-25) (1-1) – The Mavs decided that Mike James was worth it to bring back for the rest of the year despite 31% FG shooting in nine games. 

20 (21). Philadelphia 76′ers (18-25) (1-2)  – Jrue Holiday earned his ASG spot, though I’m sure the Sixers were hoping to send a different player to Houston for the ASG.

21 (22). Detroit Pistons (17-27) (1-1) – They have won 10 out of their last 16 games, and must be thinking about the chance of making the playoffs with the Celtics possibly falling off.

22 (19). Minnesota Timberwolves (17-24) (0-4) – A lot of people though this would be the year the T-Wolves put it all together. Unfortunately, Love will miss most of the season, and Rubio isn’t 100 percent.

23 (26). New Orleans Hornets (15-29) (2-2) – You got to love the new Pelicans logo. I think people are going to warm up to the Pelicans name. Here we go Pelicans, Here we go!

24 (23). Sacramento Kings (16-29) (0-4) – I guess the Kings players really were saddened to hear the news they are moving to Seattle. It must have really hurt their gameplay this week, or maybe they are just bad. I’ll take the latter.

25 (24). Toronto Raptors (16-28) (1-2) – So which PG do the Celtics want? Calderon or Lowry?

26 (25). Orlando Magic (14-29) (0-3) – They got to be ecstatic the way Redick has been playing, and it should net them some nice assets in a few weeks.

27 (27). Phoenix Suns (15-30) (2-2) – It seems like new coach Lindsey Hunter has helped some of the younger guys. Rookie Kendall Marshall has seen playing time, and Michael Beasley had a pretty good week.

28 (28). Cleveland Cavaliers (13-32) (3-0) – I love the way Kyrie Irving plays basketball. If he’s not the best PG in the game now, then he will be in a year or two. Oh, he’s only 20 years old.

29 (29). Washington Wizards (11-31) (3-1) – What a difference John Wall makes. They are 7-3 in their last 10 games.

30 (30). Charlotte Bobcats (11-32) (1-2) – It looks like the Bobcats will look into renaming themselves the Hornets. They should ask if Stern can rig the lottery again for the Hornets when they get the name.


What do you guys think of these rankings? Someone too high? Too low? Leave a comment or tweet me @YoniPollak.

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Currently at Yeshiva University in NYC, studying Business Management with hopes of working in professional sports. I was born and raised in Houston. I am a die hard Astros, Rockets, and Texans fan! Root for the Dynamo and Longhorns as well! You can follow me @YoniPollak

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