NBA Power Rankings: Week 13

Another week has gone by, and another set of Power Rankings are up. These rankings were made YESTERDAY morning, so none of the games played yesterday were taken into account. The Thunder and Bobcats bookend the rankings. The Jazz climbed give spots and the Rockets and Trail Blazers each dropped four spots in this week’s Power Rankings.


Power Rankings Week 13:

(W-L Season) followed by (W-L From previous week)

Ranking from previous week in parentheses. 

(1). Oklahoma City Thunder (32-9) (3-1) – Back-to-back overtime games can hurt them this upcoming week, especially with the Clippers on the schedule on Tuesday.

(2). Los Angeles Clippers (32-9) (3-0) – No CP3, no problem for the Clippers. Bledsoe has proved to be a legitimate option at PG if CP3 has to miss more games.

(3). San Antonio Spurs (32-11) (3-0) – No Ginobli last week and still a 3-0 week. They will be without him for around another week.

(4). Miami Heat (26-12) (2-1) – Big road wins against the Warriors and Lakers for a team that has struggled on the road this year.

(5). Memphis Grizzlies (26-13) (2-2) – Lost to two better teams this week, and beat two worse teams. Trade rumors brewing all around this team.

(6). New York Knicks (25-13) (1-0) – Had the luxury of just one game this week (in London) and all rested up. Should help them for this upcoming week.

(8).  Denver Nuggets (25-18) (2-2) – Lost to the Wizards and beat the Thunder. Huh?

(9). Indiana Pacers (25-16) (2-1) – Paul George has really established himself as one of the better players in this league.

(7). Golden State Warriors (24-15) (1-2) – Back-to-back 1-2 weeks for the Warriors. At least they avoided a potential scare with Curry’s ankles acting up.

10 (10). Brooklyn Nets (24-16) (2-1) – 10-2 under PJ, but these next eight games should show us what the Nets are about.

11 (12). Chicago Bulls (23-16) (3-1) – Three straight overtime games and they still managed a nice 3-1 week.

12 (17). Utah Jazz (22-19) (3-0) – 7-2 in January and really playing well on the offensive side without Mo Williams.

13 (16). Milwaukee Bucks (21-18) (2-1) – 5-2 under their new head coach. Ilyasova is starting to play better, but will he live up to his large contract?

14 (11). Houston Rockets (21-21) (0-4) – The youngest team in the league has hit a wall losing seven in a row.

15 (14). Atlanta Hawks (22-18) (1-3) – Lou Williams out of for the year will really hurt this already struggling offense.

16 (13). Portland Trail Blazers  (20-20) (0-3) – They have struggled mightily in close games this year, but that’s expected for this young team.

17 (15). Boston Celtics (20-20) (1-3) – Once Avery Bradley returned, people thought the Celtics might be headed on a large run. This week showed us they aren’t quite there yet.

18 (18). Los Angeles Lakers (17-23) (1-2) – Lakers go on the road this week against more tough defensive opponents.

19 (19). Minnesota Timberwolves (17-20) (1-2) – Some ugly play this week but they managed to win one against the Rockets. How about that Chris Johnson fellow?

20 (20). Dallas Mavericks  (18-24) (3-1) – If they plan on being in the picture in April, they need to continue their strong play.

21 (21). Philadelphia 76′ers (17-23) (1-1)  – Jrue Holiday has been nothing short of outstanding for the 76’ers this year.

22 (24). Detroit Pistons (15-25) (1-1) – I would love to see more of the Drummond-Monroe combo they have started to use a bit.

23 (25). Sacramento Kings (16-25) (3-1) – Reward for a 3-1 week? Officially shipped to Seattle.

24 (22). Toronto Raptors (15-26) (1-3) – Calderon has been a large bright spot for the team this year, and may be able to bring back something useful at the deadline.

25 (23). Orlando Magic (14-26) (1-3) – They magically pulled off two losses to both the Wizards and the Bobcats this week. See what I did there?

26 (27). New Orleans Hornets (13-27) (2-1) – Anthony Davis’ minutes have been down (and therefore his stats) as he tries to acclimate to the speed of the NBA.

27 (26). Phoenix Suns (13-28) (0-2) – After four seasons of Alvin Gentry, he is now gone in Phoenix. I don’t think it’s the coach’s fault here.

28 (28). Cleveland Cavaliers (10-32) (1-2) – Varejao now out for the year as he ran into more bad luck with a blood clot.

29 (30). Washington Wizards (8-30) (2-2) – Finally out of the cellar, the Wizards look a lot more formidable with Wall in the lineup.

30 (29). Charlotte Bobcats (10-30) (1-3) – Bobcats have finally taken back what was rightfully theirs for most of last season.


What do you guys think of these rankings? Someone too high? Too low? Leave a comment or tweet me @YoniPollak.

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