NBA Power Rankings: Week 10

With another week in the books, here are the updated Power Rankings as we head into week 10. The Thunder and Wizards continue to bookend the rankings. The Raptors jumped up three spots this week and no team dropped back more than three spots in this week’s Power Rankings.


Power Rankings Week 10:

(W-L Season) followed by (W-L From previous week)

Ranking from previous week in parentheses. 

(1). Oklahoma City Thunder (23-6) (2-1) – Thunder are still the best team in the league coming off a dominant performance against Harden in his new home in Houston.

(2). Los Angeles Clippers (25-6) (4-0) – 17 in a row sure is nice, however just four of those are against above .500 teams.

(3). San Antonio Spurs (24-8) (3-0) – It’s the healthiest they have been all season. Should continue to cruise.

(5). Miami Heat (20-8) (2-2) – Wade’s suspension hurt them by losing to the Pistons. Still should be the #1 in the East.

(4). New York Knicks (21-9) (1-2) – Is the loss of Felton that big for the Knicks?

(6). Memphis Grizzlies (19-8) (1-1) – Just 7-6 in December, but plenty of good players on this team.

(7). Golden State Warriors (21-10) (3-0) – And the Warriors just keep on going. Wow.

(8). Atlanta Hawks (19-9) (3-0) – They have been fine using Kyle Korver at SG since they traded Johnson away. A great move by the FO of the Hawks.

(10). Indiana Pacers (17-13) (1-1) – I was really looking forward to seeing this team with Granger on it all year.

10 (11).  Denver Nuggets (17-15) (2-2) – The next 18 games for the Nuggets after the New Year will be mostly played in Denver (15 of them at home).

11 (9). Chicago Bulls (16-12) (1-1) – Just waiting on D-Rose.

12 (12). Houston Rockets (16-14) (2-2) – The Royce White situation continues to keep getting more cloudy by the day.

13 (13). Los Angeles Lakers (15-15) (2-1) – The return of Nash has really helped the team turn on their jets.

14 (14). Milwaukee Bucks (16-13) (2-1) – Interesting week beating the Nets then Heat, and follow it with a loss against the Pistons.

15 (16). Minnesota Timberwolves (14-13) (1-1) – Very sad hearing that Roy is considering retirement again. So much promise, yet so many problems.

16 (15). Brooklyn Nets (16-14) (2-2) – And Avery Johnson is finally out of Brooklyn. Will PJ retain his job or will they bring in a new PJ?

17 (19). Portland Trail Blazers  (15-14) (2-1) – Young team with promise. Don’t think it’s their year quite yet though.

18 (17). Boston Celtics (14-16) (1-2) – “They are too old to win this year,” – said everyone four years ago. Now? It may be true.

19 (18). Utah Jazz (15-17) (0-3)  – Eventually one of Milsap or Jefferson will likely be gone this season, with Favors and Kanter both capable of carrying larger loads.

20 (20). Philadelphia 76′ers (14-17) (1-2)  – Backcourt of Holiday and Turner is promising. They lack a true front court star (Bynum?).

21 (24). Toronto Raptors (11-20) (2-1) – Raptors are starting to play more like I thought the Raptors would play this year.

22 (21). Orlando Magic (12-18) (0-3) – Insert Magic instead of Raptors above.

23 (22). Dallas Mavericks  (12-19) (0-3) – Dirk is back, and they go 0-3 this week. At least Mavs fans can really on Cowboys playoff football! Oh wait…

24 (23). Phoenix Suns (11-20) (0-3) – I thought they would be a lot better than they are currently playing.

25 (25). Sacramento Kings (11-19) (2-1) – So rumors are that Cousins may be headed out-of-town soon. Good. He needs a change of scenery.

26 (26). Detroit Pistons (11-22) (2-1) – How about that Will Bynum guy?

27 (28). Cleveland Cavaliers (7-25) (1-2) – No Anderson Varejao has given more PT to Tristan Thompson and he is responding well with several double-doubles over the last few weeks.

28 (29). New Orleans Hornets (7-23) (2-1) – The most underrated All-Star caliber player in the NBA, Eric Gordon came back and put up 24 in his season debut.

29 (27). Charlotte Bobcats (7-23) (0-3) – Do they win a game before the Clippers lose?

30 (30). Washington Wizards (4-24) (1-2) – If the Bobcats keep up their streak, maybe the Wizards come out of the cellar?


What do you guys think of these rankings? Someone too high? Too low? Leave a comment or tweet me @YoniPollak.


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Currently at Yeshiva University in NYC, studying Business Management with hopes of working in professional sports. I was born and raised in Houston. I am a die hard Astros, Rockets, and Texans fan! Root for the Dynamo and Longhorns as well! You can follow me @YoniPollak

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