NBA Power Rankings: Week 8

With another week in the books, here are the updated Power Rankings as we head into week 8. A new number one team after an undefeated week for the Thunder. The Wizards continue their stay in the cellar. The T-Wolves took the biggest leap with a 5-spot jump and the Sixers took the biggest fall dropping 4 spots in this week’s Power Rankings.


Power Rankings Week 8:

(W-L Season) followed by (W-L From previous week)

Ranking from previous week in parentheses. 


1 (2). Oklahoma City Thunder (19-4) (2-0) – With 10 wins in a row, the Thunder are cruising through the season, and not looking back on the James Harden trade.

2 (1). San Antonio Spurs (19-6) (2-2) – Scuffling a bit this week, but Tim Duncan is definitely not the reason. Past his prime, Duncan is still putting up around 17 and 9 per game.

3 (4). New York Knicks (18-5) (3-0) – The Knicks are winning basketball games even without Melo. They are draining 3’s, and not turning the ball over. The big news this week is the return of Linsanity to MSG.

4 (6). Los Angeles Clippers (17-6) (3-0) – Besides the Grizzles, the Clippers are one of the other “unexpected” contenders this year.

5 (5). Miami Heat (15-6) (2-1) – After being embarrassed by the Wizards last week, they outscored them by 30 this week. Still an inexcusable loss, however it shows that game may have been a fluke.

6 (3). Memphis Grizzlies (15-6) (1-2) – The Grizzles have not let an opponent score more than 100 points in any of their games besides opening night against the Clippers.

7 (7). Atlanta Hawks (14-7) (2-2) – Led by Josh Smith on defense, the Hawks are a top five defensive team, and have the shooters to put up points in a hurry.

8 (9). Golden State Warriors (16-8) (3-1) – The surprise team in the NBA, the Warriors have continued their success with big road wins this year. They just finished their seven game road trip with a 6-1 record.

9 (8). Chicago Bulls (13-9) (2-1) – Much like the T-Wolves and the Mavericks, the Bulls are waiting on their All-Star to come back and lead the team in the playoffs.

10 (10). Brooklyn Nets (13-10) (2-2) – It looks like the Nets were a product of an easy schedule to start their season. Still one of the better teams in the NBA and a tough matchup every night.

11 (14).  Denver Nuggets (13-12) (3-1) – The front office of the Nuggets were probably hoping for a better season than what Igoudala has had so far. Yet, they are still over .500 and will be a tough matchup in the playoffs.

12 (11). Boston Celtics (12-11) (1-2) – Their Texas Triangle trip (tongue-twister) was about as good as they could have hoped. They were lucky to even come out with a win after their double-OT thriller in Dallas.

13 (13). Milwaukee Bucks (12-10) (2-1) – Another surprise team in the NBA. Playing good ball now, but don’t expect it to last too much longer.

14 (12). Utah Jazz (13-12) (1-2)  – Al Jefferson and Paul Milsap have been hurting the Jazz defensively. Has to make you wonder if Utah will be willing to listen to offers with both Favors and Kanter available to replace Jefferson and Milsap.

15 (20). Minnesota Timberwolves (12-9) (3-0) – Rubio is now back, but won’t be playing so many minutes early on. It will be exciting to see Rubio and Love back for this young T-Wolves team.

16 (19). Indiana Pacers (13-11) (3-0) – Pacers are one of the several teams in the NBA who have more road wins then home wins.

17 (18). Houston Rockets (11-12) (2-2) – Linsanity’s return to MSG will be a big highlight on Monday, but the Rockets two losses to the Raptors are a bit concerning.

18 (16). Los Angeles Lakers (11-14) (2-2) – Nash still has yet to return as the Lakers continue their “eh” ball (for lack of a better word).

19 (15). Philadelphia 76′ers (12-12) (1-3)  – The Sixers continue not give much news on Bynum, and will have to ride the hot hands of Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday.

20 (17). Dallas Mavericks  (11-13) (1-3) – Struggling a bit, they really need their team-MVP back.

21 (21). Portland Trail Blazers  (11-12) (3-0) – Besides the good play from Aldridge, Batum, and Lillard, JJ Hickson has proven to be a nice player for them in the paint.

22 (22). Orlando Magic (10-13) (2-1) – After blowing up the franchise with their not-so-great return for Howard, I can’t imagine fans are too excited about their start. If I were a Magic fan, I would prefer way more losses.

23 (23). Phoenix Suns (9-15) (2-0) – The underachieving Suns are clearly better than the bottom seven teams, but not much else exciting besides that.

24 (25). Sacramento Kings (7-16) (0-4) – Talented team filled with many knuckleheads. Doesn’t work many times in sports.

25 (24). Charlotte Bobcats (7-16) (0-4) – The Bobcats have now lost eleven in a row, still leaving them with a better record then most people thought through 23 games.

26 (27). Toronto Raptors (6-19) (2-2) – With Bargnani and Lowry hurt, the Raptors were still able to win both games against the Mavs and Rockets.

27 (26). Detroit Pistons (7-19) (0-4) – I continue to support the hopeful blow up of this team. Only a few pieces worth keeping, but otherwise they need to be torn apart.

28 (28). New Orleans Hornets (5-18) (0-4) – Anthony Davis is back, but not much else exciting in Pelican land.

29 (29). Cleveland Cavaliers (5-20) (1-3) – KYRIE! A sick return against the Lakers and then 40 against the Knicks. He is the real deal.

30 (30). Washington Wizards (3-18) (1-3) – So John Wall…where art thou?


What do you guys think of these rankings? Someone too high? too low? Leave a comment or tweet me @YoniPollak.


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