NBA Power Rankings: Week 7

With another week in the books, here are the updated Power Rankings as we head into week 7. After a rough week for the Heat, they took the biggest drop in the Power Rankings dropping four spots from first to fifth. The Warriors and the Kings both took the biggest leaps this week, each going up three spots.


Power Rankings Week 7:

(W-L Season) followed by (W-L From previous week)

Ranking from previous week in parentheses. 


1 (2). San Antonio Spurs (17-4) (3-0) – The Spurs take the top spot after another undefeated week. You got to love the way this team finds good role players to help their Big-3

2 (4). Oklahoma City Thunder (17-4) (3-0) – The job Kevin Martin has done this year, isn’t too surprising. He had success everywhere he went, but now being the 3rd option has helped him a lot.

3 (3). Memphis Grizzlies (14-4) (2-1) – All four losses were to quality teams and they have several impressive wins on their resume.

4 (5). New York Knicks (15-5) (3-1) – Another impressive win over the Heat, and they are looking like a real contender in the East.

5 (1). Miami Heat (13-5) (1-2) – I had to take them away from first because of how poorly they have been playing. A loss to the Wizards? Heck they should be LAST for just that. Pathetic week.

6 (6). Los Angeles Clippers (14-6) (4-0) – Good week against some solid opponents, but they have to be happier with Billups starting to get back into it.

7 (8). Atlanta Hawks (12-5) (3-0) – Josh Smith is starting to play better and the Hawks haven’t looked back one bit a being able to unload the contract of Joe Johnson.

8 (9). Chicago Bulls (11-8) (3-1) – Rip Hamilton now out and the load is now on Luol Deng, Boozer, and Noah to pick up.

9 (12). Golden State Warriors (13-7) (3-1) – Impressive start for the Warriors through the first 20 games in which people thought their record would be flipped around.

10 (7). Brooklyn Nets (11-8) (0-3) – After beating up on weak teams early they have not been able to beat the better teams of the NBA. It looks like they need Lopez back soon with Williams playing some sub-par basketball lately.

11 (10). Boston Celtics (11-9) (2-1) – KG had his first game since 1997 without a rebound. His response? He wants to have a word with the official statistician since he thinks it is a mistake.

12 (11). Utah Jazz (12-10) (3-1)  – Suffered their first home loss this week but made up for it with three other wins this week. Al Jefferson a bit banged up but looks to be a minor injury.

13 (15). Milwaukee Bucks (10-9) (2-2) – Solid week going back and forth between a good team and a solid team. Inconsistent though better than I expected.

14 (16).  Denver Nuggets (10-11) (2-2) – Finally broke the streak on undefeated and winless weeks. So how did they do it? By splitting the week 50/50. Figures.

15 (14). Philadelphia 76′ers (11-9) (1-2)  – News should come out in the next few days about Bynum’s injury and a possible timetable.

16 (13). Los Angeles Lakers (9-12) (1-3) – With the way they are playing they will keep dropping until it changes. I suspect things will be different once Nash decides to show up.

17 (18). Dallas Mavericks  (10-10) (2-1) – I think we can officially declare O.J. Mayo as the best signing of the offseason.

18 (17). Houston Rockets (9-10) (1-2) – Omer Asik has definitely lived up to his contract. Jeremy Lin you ask? Not at all.

19 (19). Indiana Pacers (10-11) (2-2) – Still trying to figure out their offensive game, though the defense is there. Would have been interesting to see how they match up if Granger were healthy.

20 (20). Minnesota Timberwolves (9-9) (2-1) – Looks like Rubio will be back pretty soon, and the T-Wolves will be ready to run with the better teams.

21 (23). Portland Trail Blazers  (8-12) (1-2) – With Batum nursing an injury, Aldridge and Lillard will have to step it up. This team is a few pieces away from being a contender.

22 (24). Orlando Magic (8-12) (2-2) – Plenty of season left for the Magic, though I think everyone is shocked they have eight wins in their first 20 games.

23 (21). Phoenix Suns (7-15) (0-4) – The Suns remind me a lot of this year’s Carolina Panthers. A talented bunch of athletes who are under-achieving this year.

24 (22). Charlotte Bobcats (7-12) (0-4) – After their great start (for Bobcats standards) the Bobcats have now been playing regular Bobcats basketball dropping their last seven in a row.

25 (28). Sacramento Kings (7-12) (3-0) – Sure the Kings won three in a row, though they only beat the Raptors, Magic, and Blazers.

26 (25). Detroit Pistons (7-15) (2-2) – Detroit fans are hopefully hoping this team keeps loosing because the pick is way more important than the wins.

27 (26). Toronto Raptors (4-17) (0-4) – Another team with a shocking result. They looked like they could be a playoff team on paper, but on the court they look terrible.

28 (27). New Orleans Hornets (5-14) (1-3) – With the 3rd pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, the New Orleans Pelicans select…

29 (29). Cleveland Cavaliers (4-17) (0-4) – The good news is that Kyrie Irving is back. The Bad news? Just four wins through their first 21 games.

30 (30). Washington Wizards (2-15) (1-2) – Wizards fans should be happy if they can just win one game every week.


What do you guys think of these rankings? Someone too high? too low? Leave a comment or tweet me @YoniPollak.


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