NFL Week 13 – Picks Revisited

Every Tuesday or Wednesday I will go over the previous week of games, with a note or two on the game. To see my picks with notes from the past week, click here!


Week 13 (Predicted Winners in Bold and Italicized) (If the pick has a line through it, then I incorrectly picked that team to win):

NO @ ATL – Drew Brees had a terrible game throwing 5 picks in a crucial loss for the Saints. The Falcons got a good performance from Michael Turner, and were able to play great defense to stop the Saints offense.

CAR @ KC – The Chiefs have played better at home this year, and it finally payed off this week. Playing with heavy hearts, the Chiefs were able to defeat the Panthers in a meaningless game.

SF STL – Somehow, it looked like this game might end in a tie for the second tie this season. Luckily “Legatron” was able to secure the win late in overtime. Some might blame Kaepernick for his gameplay, but the 49’ers had plenty of chances to win, and the play calling was terrible most of the game.

MIN @ GB – The Packers finally got back Jennings, and then Nelson goes down in the same game. The Packers were still able to win the game as Ponder seemed to only be able to hit the Packers defenders throughout the game. What a wasted effort by Peterson, who looks to be in the running for comeback player of the year.

IND @ DET The Lions seemed to have the game, but as usual, coaches get conservative late, and the Lions weren’t able to pick a 1st down late, which led to a last-minute game-winning drive by Andrew Luck and the Colts.

ARZ @ NYJ – Possibly the worst game of the year. A battle of two terrible offenses, and someone had to step up on defense. The Jets switched quarterback, and were able to pull away with a one point win.

HOU @ TEN – The Texans came in beat up, and suffered more injuries again. However, the defense was able to step it up after a poor last few weeks, and the Texans controlled the game the whole way through.

JAX @ BUF – A must-win for the Bills and they played like it. Their run-defense stepped it up, and the offense played very well.

NE @ MIA – Division games are always close, though I thought the Patriots would still be able to run away with it. Dolphins kept it close, but couldn’t find a way to make the comeback.

SEA @ CHI – One of the most impressive performances by a rookie this year (saying a lot with Luck/RG3 this year). Wilson pulled off a great comeback in a tough environment in Chicago against that great defense.

TB @ DEN – Thought this game would be closer than it was. Broncos were able to drive the ball, and Manning had another good game. Von Miller continues to play like one of the best defensive players in the game.

CIN @ SD – The Bengals were able to take a big game on the road against the Chargers. Dalton had two touchdowns and that was enough to hang on for the win on the road.

CLE @ OAK – This game was supposed to have terrible weather but it turned out to be ok. Browns rookie combo of Weeden-Richardson-Gordon looks to be pretty promising.

PIT @ BAL I honestly have no idea how the Ravens could lose this game. They played the worst quarterback in the NFL (harsh statement considering Sanchez and Lindley started this week), they were at home, and they are the better team. Yet somehow, Flacco and the Ravens weren’t able to pull through. Pathetic

PHI @ DAL – A pretty good game which was expected before the season but not this week. Romo had three touchdowns in the second half and the Eagles led by Foles and Brown, weren’t able to complete the comeback.

NYG @ WSH – Had the Giants won this game, this division would likely have been theirs. However, they don’t like to make things simple. Led by Morris’s 124 rushing yards, the Skins hung on to the victory.

Overall Week 13 Record: 9-7

Overall Season Record: 121-70-1


Power Rankings for Week 14 will be up before game time on Thursday.

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