NFL Week 12 – Picks Revisited

Every Tuesday or Wednesday I will go over the previous week of games, with a note or two on the game. To see my picks from the past week, click here!


Week 12 (Predicted Winners in Bold and Italicized) (If the pick has a line through it, then I incorrectly picked that team to win):

HOU @ DET – What a game this turned out to be. Many questionable calls, and some poor coaching, but the Texans were able to pull it out, relying on their All-Pro Andre Johnson, and clutch defense at the end.

WSH @ DAL – RG3 dominated the game, and the Cowboys couldn’t do much until it was to late.

NE @ NYJ – This game turned out to be more of a comedy then many expected. The Patriots dominated every part of the game. On defense they scored (via Mark Sanchez running into his own lineman and fumbling), on special teams they scored (NE caused a McKnight fumble that flew right into hands of Edelman and he ran it back), and on offense they lit it up even without key lineman and Gronkowski out for the game.

OAK @ CIN – In the game that was pegged as former Bengals QB v.s. Bengals QB of future, the current quarterback dominated the game. He was able to throw for three touchdowns, and the law firm was able to run one in as well. The Bengals dominated the whole game which saw a few players ejected as well.

MIN @ CHI – The Vikings never stood much of a chance when it was announced that Cutler would start. Add that to the fact that Harvin was out and this game was in Chicago, the Bears bounced back from a few losses to beat their division foe. However, not all was good in Chicago with several players being forced from the game which could have long-term implications for the Bears.

SEA @ MIA – The Seahawks came into the game with just one win on the road, and left Miami with just one win on the road. The Dolphins were down seven with just under eight minutes to go, and Tannehill successfully drove them down the field for two scores, for a Dolphins win.

ATL @ TB – What a game this was. Back and forth the score went as these division rivals kept one-upping the their opponent. It came down to the final minutes, and the Falcons almost blew it by going for a FG rather than punting, and pinning the Bucs near the end zone. However, Freeman’s desperation throw was not completed to his own team, and the Falcons escaped Tampa with the victory.

BUF @ IND – Another good game in the NFL this week. The Bills fought hard to stay within striking distance of the Colts, but ultimately fell short. T.Y. Hilton had a big game as he returned a score, and caught one to lead the Colts to a victory.

PIT @ CLE – It doesn’t matter what team you are. If you turn the ball over eight times, you will lose, and there is no one to blame but yourself. The Steelers put the ball on the floor five times, and Batch was picked off three times, as the Cleveland defense was able to hold off this weak offense without Big Ben in the game.

TEN @ JAX – A game I expected to be much more scoring in with these two weak defenses. Early on Parmele was hurt, but Jennings did a nice job replacing him. The Jacksonville offense looks a lot more promising led by Chad Henne and receivers Shorts and Blackmon. This game they were able to finish holding off the Titans for a 24-19 victory.

DEN @ KC – As usual division games are always tough and this one proved to be to close for comfort for the Broncos. The Chiefs played close to the Broncos all game, but Manning was able to throw a key touchdown to Thomas late in the 3rd, and the defense was able to hold off any Chiefs threat for the whole game, holding them to just 3 field goals.

BAL @ SD – In a game that will be in the minds of Chargers fans for a long time, Ray Rice was able to run 29 yards after a dump off by Flacco on 4th down to get the first down, and ultimately lead to the game-tying FG on that drive to force the game into overtime. Once the momentum was swung, the Chargers had virtually no chance and the Ravens were able to sneak away with the victory.

SF @ NO Sometimes even quarterbacks as great as Drew Brees make mistakes. Brees had a crucial pick-6 late in the first half, and threw another (though not his fault necessarily) early in the 3rd, and they were never able to bounce back from that. Colin Kaepernick had another great game as he is proving to be the better option for the 49’ers.

STL @ ARZ One of these teams had to win and it was the Rams that ultimately came away with the win. Bradford was knocked out of the game for one play, and afterwards was able to lead his team to victory. On defense the Rams were helped out with two pick-6’s from rookie cornerback, Janoris Jenkins.

GB @ NYG – The Packers were beat up, and playing on the road against the Giants team that was coming fresh off the bye week. The Packers looked out of sorts on defense missing their star line back Matthews, and star safety Woodson. The Giants scored easily in the first half, and put this game out of reach early in the 2nd half.

CAR @ PHI – Many didn’t expect this to be such a good game, but it ended up being pretty solid. Rookie Bryce Brown was able to lead the Eagles offense to two touchdowns on his 189 total yards, but it was Cam Newton accounting for four touchdowns that lit up the Eagles defense, leading to a Panthers win.


Overall Week 12 Record: 9-7

Overall Season Record: 112-63-1


Power Rankings for Week 13 will be up before game time on Thursday.

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