NFL Power Rankings: Week 12

After another week in the NFL, the power rankings are updated as we head into week 12. To see the Week 11 rankings click here!


Power Rankings Week 12:

1. Houston Texans (9-1) – After winning a defensive struggle last week, this week they show they can beat a team through the air. This team can win games in every aspect of the game.

2. Atlanta Falcons (9-1) – The number three passing team in the league, the Falcons will need to play better then they have this year so far, especially when it gets to the playoffs, when the competition is a lot tougher than the teams they have faced thus far.

3. San Francisco 49′ers (7-2-1) – The 49’ers are arguably the toughest team to beat in the league when they are clicking on all cylinders. The problem is consistency with them. It will be interesting to see which QB they choose for this week.

4. Green Bay Packers (7-3)  We haven’t seen this team healthy much this year, but it will it seems like they will be pretty close to healthy once the playoffs start. In the meantime we wait for the return of Woodson, Jennings, and Mathews.

5. Baltimore Ravens (8-2) – The Ravens have been winning without their star defensive players, but it will be a lot tougher to win come playoff time without their stars.

6. New England Patriots (7-3) – The Patriots can score at will, and for that they will now pay, after Gronkowski hurt himself on a PAT in the 4th quarter of a blowout.

7. Denver Broncos (7-3) – A really good team with their three losses coming at the hands of the Texans, Falcons, and Patriots. They have a great offense, and their defense has picked it up the last few weeks. They have a legitimate shot at making the Superbowl in the AFC.

8. Chicago Bears (7-3) – The Bears are a good team that have beaten the teams they are supposed to beat, but have yet to beat the teams that are better then them. Their three losses are against the Packers, Texans, and 49’ers. They will only go as far as Cutler can go, and with that horrendous O-line, it might not be to far.

9. New York Giants (6-4) – They have been struggling on offense the last few weeks, but hopefully after the bye week they can pick it up. It will be a fight to the end, with the Cowboys for the division.

10. New Orleans Saints (5-5) – The Saints have finally picked it up back together, and it looks like they have a shot at making the playoffs. With six more games to go, they will likely be making the playoffs as a Wild-Card team, unless the Falcons fall off tremendously.

11. Seattle Seahawks (6-4) – The Seahawks need to hope they can steal a few games on the road, so they can possibly win the division. Their only hope to win a game in the playoffs will be if they can play the game in Seattle.

12. Minnesota Vikings (6-4) – The Vikings need Harvin to be healthy if they plan on making a run for the NFC North title. Their defense might just be god enough, but they need Ponder to play like he did earlier in the year, rather then the last few weeks.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-4) – The Buccaneers have been red hot lately, and doing most of their damage on offense. Little to most NFL fans, the Buccaneers actually have the #1  rushing defense in the NFL, holding opponents to just 81.8 rushing yards per game.

14. Dallas Cowboys (5-5)  – The Cowboys have been underachieving the whole year, and if they want to make the playoffs, it will need to stop. The Cowboys have six winnable games left, but at the same time, they can easily lose each game.

15. Indianapolis Colts (6-4) – The Colts have put themselves in the playoff picture with their improbable run through 10 games. They can easily make the playoff this year with 4 of their 6 remaining games against BUF, DET, TEN, and KC. (HOU the other 2)

16. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4) – The Steelers have struggled to stay healthy all year, and it seems like it make end their season. If Roethlisberger can not make it back this year, they will likely just miss the playoffs, though in a weak AFC, it is possible they can still sneak in.

17. Cincinnati Bengals (5-5) – The Bengals seem like the new favorite to make the AFC playoffs as a Wild-Card team if the Steelers continue to falter. They have a capable defense and a strong offense led by Andy Dalton and A.J. Green.

18. Detroit Lions (4-6) – Mathew Stafford has taken a big step backwards, after a promising year last year. Their secondary is bad, though their front-7 is very physical. It seems like they will likely fall short of playing meaningful football in January.

19. Washington Redskins (4-6) – Though it seemed like the Redskins were out of the playoff hunt by now, they still have opportunities to make it, if their offense can keep scoring. They have two games against Dallas, and one against the Giants. Those three games can affect the race for the NFC East title.

20. Miami Dolphins (4-6) – With a tough remaining schedule, it seems like the Dolphins and their fans will be thinking about what could have been, had they won those close and winnable games, earlier in the year.

21. Philadelphia Eagles (3-7) – When talking about the biggest disappointments of the year, the Eagles will likely be the first team mentioned. Their O-line has led to terrible play by Vick. Their offense has been stagnant at many times, and their defense hasn’t been so great.

22. San Diego Chargers (4-6) – The Chargers have had some big struggles on the offensive side of the ball. Whether it is Rivers himself, or the dumb coaching of Norv Turner, the Chargers still may have a chance to make the playoffs, but they need to make more of an effort to give the ball to Ryan Mathews, and hope Rivers can improve.

23. New York Jets (4-6) – Surprisingly, the Jets still have a shot at the playoffs. They need some steady defense, and Mark Sanchez to play some good football if they want to make the playoffs. Their schedule will give them a good shot at the playoffs with just 1 team above .500 on their schedule.

24. Tennessee Titans (4-6) – Chris Johnson has really stepped up his game the last several weeks. With Locker back under center, and a healthy Britt, their offense is plenty capable of scoring points. They need their defense and secondary to play better football.

25. Arizona Cardinals (4-6) – Six weeks ago they were 4-0. Since then they have lost six straight games, and Ryan Lindley is now their starting quarterback. Their defense is good, but their is not much promise for these Cardinals.

26. Buffalo Bills (4-6) – Another offense with plenty of playmakers, their playoff hopes will hang on the success of their defense. With Jackson, Johnson, and Spiller, they have the offensive weapons, but Mario Williams and others will need to improve.

27. St. Louis Rams (3-6-1) – The Rams have showed they are capable of playing with the best, and then the next week, they show that they are the Rams we all thought they would be.

28. Oakland Raiders (3-7) – Darren McFadden has struggled this year, but with him sidelined, Marcel Reece was able to have a big game against the Saints. We will see if McFadden ever comes back from this injury, with the season likely over for the Raiders.

29. Carolina Panthers (2-8) – Another team that many expected more out of after 10 weeks, the Panthers have many of their big name players on Injured Reserve. They will hope Newton can improve through these next six weeks, and hope to stay relatively healthy until the end of the season.

30. Cleveland Browns (2-8) – The Browns have had some games they should have won, but with a young team, there is a bit of promise. Their defense is solid, and Richardson seems to be the real thing.

31. Kansas City Chiefs (1-9) – The Chiefs have really not lived up to expectation through 10 weeks. Their fans expected a competitive team until January, but that was not the case. Their are many good individual players, but they need better coaching to fix this team.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9) – Once Gabbert was knocked out, the Jaguars finally got a excuse to play Henne and he did not disappoint. Gabbert is now on the Injured Reserve and Henne will have a chance to win the job for next year, if the Jaguars don’t draft a new quarterback in April.


Thanksgiving  Games:

HOU @ DET – The Texans played five quarters just four days ago, and are pretty beat up on defense. The Lions have a good offense, but their secondary has many holes. In what should be a good game to start Thursday, the Texans should be able to win this one on the road.

WSH @ DAL – Dallas might be the hardest team to pick on a weekly basis. They have a lot more talent then the Redskins, and the Cowboys defense should be able to contain RG3.

NE @ NYJ – The Patriots will be without Gronkowski, and could possibly be without Hernandez as well (Questionable). However their offense is still good enough to score on the Jets, and the Jets have had many problems moving the ball on offense this year.


What do you guys think of these rankings? Someone too high? too low? Leave a comment or tweet me @YoniPollak.                        


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