NBA Power Rankings: Week 4

With another week in the books, here are the updated Power Rankings as we head into week 4. To see the Power Rankings from week 3, click here!


Power Rankings Week 4:

(W-L Season) followed by (W-L From previous week)


1. Miami Heat (8-3) (3-1) –Wade a bit banged up, but Bosh has been stepping up his game this year.

2. Memphis Grizzlies (8-1) (3-0) – This is going to be the year the Grizzlies take the next step. Already have beaten the Heat, Thunder, and Knicks.

3. San Antonio Spurs (8-2) (2-1) – A very uncharacteristic loss against the Knicks, but otherwise seems like Ginobli is back.

4. New York Knicks (7-1) (3-1) – Ended up as the last undefeated team in the NBA. Need to rebound the ball a lot better than they have been this season.

5. Oklahoma City Thunder (8-3) (3-1) – Kevin Durant finally gets his first triple double, as the Thunder suffered their only loss of the week to the Grizzlies.

6. Los Angeles Clippers (7-2) (2-0) – They have been getting some great play from Crawford, Bledsoe, and Jordan. If those three can keep it up and take pressure off of Paul and Griffin, then the Clippers could be a big threat in the Western Conference.

7. Brooklyn Nets (6-2) (3-0) – Good teams beat the teams they should be beating, and the Nets are beating up on the weak teams.

8. Los Angeles Lakers (5-5) (2-1) – New Head Coach, Mike D’Antoni, has yet to coach the team, though the Lakers have been playing pretty well since Mike Brown has been gone.

9. Boston Celtics (6-5) (3-2) – Celtics were having a great week until a bad loss against the Pistons yesterday.

10. Dallas Mavericks  (6-5) (2-2) – Seems like Nowitzki will be out a little longer than expected. Mavericks doing a good job without him, and will be a tough opponent when Nowitzki comes back.

11. Chicago Bulls (5-5) (1-3) – Tough road trip so far, though only two games on the schedule this week.

12. Milwaukee Bucks (6-2) (3-0) – One of the surprise teams of the season so far this season, though the schedule has been pretty kind to them so far this year.

13. Utah Jazz (5-6) (2-2)  – One of the best front courts in the NBA, will give problems to teams that lack size.

14. Atlanta Hawks (4-4) (2-1) – First five games were tough, though now they get several easy opponents to pick on.

15.  Denver Nuggets (4-6) (0-3) – So they Nuggets went 0-3 the first week, then 4-0 the next week, back to 0-3 this week. Going to be a bit tough to go 4-0 this week with the Grizzlies on their schedule.

16. Philadelphia 76′ers (6-4) (2-2)  – Playing good ball now, but how long will it last? More bad news on Bynum and his knees, will cause this team to keep fighting longer without their All-Star center.

17. Minnesota Timberwolves (5-4) (1-2) – A team that reminds me of the Trailblazers and Rockets a few years ago. The 2 young All-Stars of the team banged up, and injuries keep coming. Now Budinger, Barea, and Roy are all out with injuries this week.

18. Indiana Pacers (4-7) (1-3) – Still a great defensive team, but the Pacers have been in a huge offensive funk without Granger.

19. Portland Trail Blazers  (5-5) (3-1) – Lillard and Davis will be fighting for the ROY award all the way until the end. Aldridge, Lillard, and Batum are a nice trio for these Blazers.

20. Houston Rockets (4-6) (1-2) – Som real tough losses this week, but that’s expected from a young team.

21. Golden State Warriors (5-5) (2-1) – Early injuries to Bogut and Rush have hurt the team, but some strong play by Landry and Barnes has helped them out.

22. New Orleans Hornets (3-5) (0-3) – Anthony Davis is a swatting machines with his long arms.

23. Charlotte Bobcats (4-4) (2-1) – Playing some pretty solid ball, but don’t expect it to last so many more weeks.

24. Phoenix Suns (4-7) (1-3) – A disappointing team so far, however their schedule has been real tough in the early going..

25. Toronto Raptors (3-7) (2-2) – Both Derozan and Calderon are playing great this year, but they need others to step up.

26. Cleveland Cavaliers (2-8) (0-3) – Besides some good play from Waiters, Varejao has been playing at an All-Star level this year.

27. Orlando Magic (3-6) (1-2) – Magic will likely hang around this year in their quest for a top-5 pick this year.

28. Detroit Pistons (2-9) (2-2) – Impressive week, almost beating OKC, beating the 76’ers in Philly, and beating the Celtics.

29. Sacramento Kings (2-8) (0-3) – The team as a whole is off to a bad start, with a few suspensions, and some terrible losses.

30. Washington Wizards (0-8) (0-3) – Might not win a game until Wall and Nene come back from their injuries.


What do you guys think of these rankings? Someone too high? too low? Leave a comment or tweet me @YoniPollak.


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