NFL Week 10: Power Rankings

After another week in the NFL, the power rankings are updated as we head into week 10. To see the Week 9 rankings click here!


Power Rankings Week 10:

1. Atlanta Falcons (8-0) – With more tests, come more opportunities to show the world they are legit. There are still bigger tests to come.

2. Houston Texans (7-1) – Possible Super Bowl Preview this Sunday night, and need to show up unlike last time against the Packers.

3. San Francisco 49′ers (6-2) – Good placement of bye week to refresh for the second half of the season.

4. Green Bay Packers (6-3)  Get a bye week to get their offensive weapons healthy.

5. Chicago Bears (7-1) – Have played just one team over .500, now will get six in a row. We will see in these next several weeks if they are contenders or not, starting with their tilt against the Texans.

6. New England Patriots (5-3) – Might play their first game fully healthy on offense.

7. New York Giants (6-3) – Haven’t played a great game in a few weeks.

8. Denver Broncos (5-3) – Manning has been unbelievable this season.

9. Baltimore Ravens (6-2) – Team will suffer without some of their stars on defense.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3) – Wallace finally had a good game, but Brown got hurt. The Steelers have constantly battled through injuries all season.

11. Seattle Seahawks (5-4) – Seahawks undefeated at home.

12. Minnesota Vikings (5-4) – Ponder has really struggled the last several weeks. Only so much Peterson can do for this team.

13. Dallas Cowboys (3-5)  – Their schedule gets a bit easier from here on out.

14. Indianapolis Colts (5-3) – Luck has exactly the same amount of passing yards as Peyton Manning.

15. Detroit Lions (4-4) – Calvin a bit banged up, but need him healthy to make a run.

16. New Orleans Saints (3-5) – It’s pretty much now or never for the Saints.

17. Miami Dolphins (4-4) – Could be better than .500 but they aren’t. Let’s see if they can make a run for the playoffs.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-4) – Freeman and Martin have been carrying this team.

19. Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) – Do the Eagles even have an O-Line? Foles is not the answer for the Eagles, but changes need to be made in Philadelphia.

20. San Diego Chargers (4-4) – Norv Turner has got to go, but every time the SD offense has a solid game, Turner gets more security.

21. Washington Redskins (3-6) – Will continue to battle, but they will fall short this year.

22. Cincinnati Bengals (3-5) – A middle-of-the-pack team in the NFL.

23. Arizona Cardinals (4-5) – From 4-0 to 4-5, not shocked at all.

24. St. Louis Rams (3-5) – Looks like they will get Amendola back this week.

25. New York Jets (3-5) – Let’s see if Ryan has decided to involve Tebow more into the offense in the second half of the season.

26. Buffalo Bills (3-5) – Need to get the ball in Spiller’s hands for often.

27. Carolina Panthers (2-6) – Big second half coming up for the Panthers to show us if they struggled early, or they are just not very good.

28. Tennessee Titans (3-5) – Locker should be coming back, which should open up the deep ball for their WR threats.

29. Oakland Raiders (3-5) – The Raiders are still close enough to catch up in the playoff race.

30. Cleveland Browns (2-7) – Had a chance to beat the Ravens, but Weeden struggled all game.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-7) – Their one win was against the Colts early in the season. Not sure there is another win on their schedule.

32. Kansas City Chiefs (1-7) – Too talented to be this bad.


Thursday Night Game of the Week:

Colts playing good football, and even though the Jags are the home team, and defeated the Colts earlier this year, I don’t think they win tonight.

Colts– 24  Jaguars – 13


What do you guys think of these rankings? Someone too high? too low? Leave a comment or tweet me @YoniPollak.                       



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