NBA Power Rankings: Week 1

Since today is Opening Day in the NBA, I will start the Power Rankings tonight, however in the future, Power Rankings will be updated every hopefully every Monday.


Power Rankings Week 1:

1. Miami Heat – Heat look to be the favorite to win it all this year.

2. Los Angeles Lakers – New lineup with many All-Star appearances.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder – The Thunder look to repeat as Western Conference Champions.

4. San Antonio Spurs – Veteran team with some solid young players, will be a contender.

5. Boston Celtics – Allen replaced by Terry and Lee, this team should be a top 4 seed.

6. Indiana Pacers – Playing in weak East will give them nice record.

7. Denver Nuggets – A lot of good players led by Igoudala, let’s see if they can make noise in the West.

8. Los Angeles Clippers – Scary team if healthy come playoff time.

9. Brooklyn Nets – Another deep team which will have a bit of a bloated record due to the lack of competition in the East.

10. Memphis Grizzlies – With Rudy Gay healthy they will look to be a contender.

11. Chicago Bulls – Whole season will depend on when Derrick Rose returns.

12. Utah Jazz – Another good team which will fight for a middle seed in a tough Western Conference.

13. Atlanta Hawks – Joe Johnsons’s scoring can be replaced, and now Horford should be back soon.

14. New York Knicks – If Amare and Melo can be healthy for the postseason, they will force tough match-ups.

15. Philadelphia 76’ers – Will need a healthy Bynum to make noise in the Eastern Conference.

16. Dallas Mavericks – A bunch of good-solid players, will need Dirk back in top form to contend.

17. Minnesota Timberwolves – Whole season depends on the health of Love and Rubio.

18. Golden State Warriors – If Bogut can get healthy and Curry can stay healthy maybe they can sneak into the playoffs.

19. Houston Rockets – Addition of Harden help their chances but need Lin to repeat his year last year.

20. Portland Trail Blazers – If Lillard can show he’s a great point guard, then with him, Batum, Aldridge, they can be playoff bound.

21. Toronto Raptors – Additions of Jonas, Lowry, and Ross will help them be a tough team to beat every night.

22. Milwaukee Bucks – The Bucks will likely be on the outside looking in come April.

23. Phoenix Suns – If Dragic can repeat his performance in Houston then they can be a possible playoff team.

24. New Orleans Hornets – Look for Davis and Rivers to have impressive rookie seasons.

25. Sacramento Kings – Talent is their, but the question will be if they can mesh well together.

26. Washington Wizards – Will be interesting to see Wall and Beal play with each other.

27. Detroit Pistons – Monroe looks like he can be a really good player in the NBA.

28. Cleveland Cavaliers – Will be interesting to see if Thompson and Waiters can turn into good ball players.

29. Orlando Magic – Will try to lock up the first overall pick and continue rebuilding.

30. Charlotte Bobcats – It will be a fight to 25 wins for the Bobcats this year.


What do you guys think of these rankings? Someone too high? too low? Leave a comment or tweet me @YoniPollak.


About Yoni Pollak

Currently at Yeshiva University in NYC, studying Business Management with hopes of working in professional sports. I was born and raised in Houston. I am a die hard Astros, Rockets, and Texans fan! Root for the Dynamo and Longhorns as well! You can follow me @YoniPollak

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